We are developers, trying every day to create the perfect barbecue experience with better and better products. In addition to 130 years of experience, our own passion for barbecuing is incorporated into the development and optimisation of our products.
The 800°C TURBO ZONE reaches extra high
temperatures for sizzling searing at turbo speed. 
Just engage the turbo.
You need a lot of firepower for good steaks. After all, the grill has to be almost glowing red before it creates intense toasted and grilled aromas. The 800°C TURBO ZONE is like having lava on tap. Simply turn it up and immediately start searing! Hard to believe but that’s how good it is.
The temperature is in your hands.
A gentle grill or roaring heat - both are possible. Very easily.
Heat Range
Years of barbecue experience is no longer essential. Today, we have HEAT RANGE. With professional heat control and distribution, your barbecue is guaranteed to be a complete success. Optimal coordination of all barbecue components means that all temperature ranges can be achieved. Whether you need 80°C for low and slow cooking or a blazing 400°C for searing: the heat is in your hands.
Just stand back and quietly become the glowing red star of your next barbecue.
Put it on the back burner.
Those who like it a bit hotter still will love the infrared BACKBURNER. The extra whack of heat does the job for you, and is perfect for preparing skewers and shish kebabs. At the same time, this high-temperature wonder can also cook pizza - jackpot!
Multifunctional: Enders grills can do it all. And a little more.
Switch up, look sharp!
With SWITCH GRID, your barbecue becomes an absolute all-rounder: whether it’s a reversible platter, cast iron grate, pan, pizza stone, poultry roaster or Dutch oven - with Enders, you’ll be prepared for anyone and anything. Quickly and easily exchangeable, you can conjure up a five-course meal in no time at all. Ready for a rollercoaster of BBQ-based emotions?
It’s nice to keep an eye on everything. Even when the lid’s closed.
Pretty transparent.
It isn't called Window for nothing: with our viewing window, you've actually already won. What exactly? Heat! No more annoying opening of the lid for you. The temperature inside remains constant throughout. Not only do you always have a clear view, you also have perfectly prepared meals. Garissimo!
Thanks to SIMPLE CLEAN, your kit will be gleaming again in no time.
Stay clean.
A few simple steps are all it takes, and your barbecue is sparkling clean again: SIMPLE CLEAN is the most innovative solution when it comes to cleaning. The heat chamber and grease drawer can be removed without tools, and the individual parts are made of stainless steel, so are dishwasher-safe. This technology makes even the worst job a true pleasure - dream clean!
Our quality assurance is certified in accordance with DIN 9001:2015.
We exceed the demands of our steakholders.
We burn for consistency. Our grills are sure to impress with their high-quality materials and solid workmanship. Longevity and carefree outdoor fun par excellence. You save on stress. We save on resources.
We don’t do ‘off the rack’.
Perfection until sparks fly.
Making our grills is still a real, honest craft. We’re all about the blood, sweat and tears. We tirelessly create great products to spark the enthusiasm of all BBQers. You can always be sure: a lot of human effort and heart has gone into your barbecue.