The brand. The barbecue.

We excelled in outdoor cuisine when everyone else was still clinging to the kitchen.

Ruggedness and reliability under the most extreme conditions made Enders camping stoves the preferred choice on the harshest of expeditions all around the world as early as the 1950s. Today we use the same expertise to develop grill and barbecue equipment that stands for perfect functionality and safety as well as for high-quality materials and sturdy construction.

With innovations and practical details, for example SIMPLE CLEAN, we’ve convinced even the most devoted users of charcoal grills of the superiority of grilling with gas. During the development phase at our Werdohl site (Germany), every Enders gas grill is thoroughly put to the test, from the initial idea to the last screw, and continuously optimised.

The latest in engineering advances combines with hands-on mechanical experience to guarantee the practical viability of our products. Our outstanding designs meet our high-quality requirements as a major name brand manufacturer. This means every Enders gas barbecue, outdoor heater or camping accessory product always makes a statement about an attractive outdoor lifestyle, regardless of whether the user prefers traditional BBQ or an elegant outdoor dining experience.