Enders engineering and technologies for the best in outdoor comfort

BBQ fans with passion meet “German Engineering“.

We’re experimenters who try every day to create perfect grilling enjoyment with still better products. When developing new devices and optimising existing products, we leverage inspiration from 130 years of experience as well as our own passion for grilling. The feedback we receive from our customers also has a decisive influence on the functionality and variety of the features we create. So, you’ll ultimately find our pioneer spirit in every Enders product, the reliability of “German Engineering” and Enders’ innovative technologies with a great love for detail. Everything you need for the best possible barbecue results.

The technologies behind our products are also based on long testing periods and plenty of experience. In keeping with this tradition, we make every Enders gas grill tough enough to be a real outdoor kitchen and set the barbecue enthusiast’s heart on fire. Our Turbo Zone Technology cooks every steak perfectly in no time at all thanks to extra-high temperatures. Our Heat Range Technology ensures even heat distribution all the way to the outer grill edges and, thanks to Simple Clean Technology, cleaning up won’t take the fun out of grilling. Thanks to our Eco-Technology, the gas consumption of our outdoor heaters is reduced to save natural resources.

To make every aspect of outdoor lifestyle enjoyable, our product range includes outdoor heaters, camping accessories and lounge furniture. Find out more about our popular and patented Enders technologies here >>

Patented Enders technologies for the best in BBQ and outdoor comfort

Our grills: From the Turbo Zone® all the way to the super-easy clean-up of your  grill, we offer you everything to set the BBQ enthusiast’s heart on fire.

Our outdoor heaters: Cosy, warm and efficient. Energy savings of as much as 83 % over comparable outdoor heaters.