Whether you're looking for a little barbecue for your balcony or a large premium gas barbecue for use as a fully-fledged kitchen, Enders quality and value for money will always impress. With our ground-breaking technology and outstanding design, our products are an inspiration to all barbecue users, from absolute beginners to well-seasoned grill maestros. Safe operation, high-performance burners and easy cleaning are the ingredients you need for perfect barbecuing results.

Patio Heaters

As the market leader in patio heaters and electric radiant heaters, we ensure that the warm atmosphere you want to have on your patio, balcony or beer garden doesn't cool off, even at the lowest temperatures.
Enders patio flame heaters lend style to the atmosphere for guests dining outdoors with you, making your heating system into a visual experience. Our innovative eco-technology guarantees low energy consumption with excellent heat-emission performance.


True campers will know Enders as a pioneer creator of camping cookers – as the brand that stands for quality and reliability. Our entire product range, from camping barbecues, through cooking utensils to expedition-quality aluminium boxes, is indelibly marked by our long years of experience and outdoor know-how.

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The brands. The makers.

One thing we've had reason to learn over our 130 years of experience is the following: it's harder to get it right outdoors than in!

Over the last fifty years, Enders camping cookers have been doing the cooking in the very harshest expedition conditions all over the world. The philosophy that has grown out of this experience means we make each Enders gas barbecue into a fully-fledged "outdoor kitchen" – one that has to be as tough as the worst conditions it might face. This is what keeps the Enders brand as a by-word for perfect functionality and safety through our use of highest-quality materials and our painstaking manufacturing processes. Enders cookers became an indispensable part of everyone's camping equipment back at the time of the German post-war reconstruction. Enders is thus rightly considered a pioneer in burner technology.

And for our gas burners, efficient and mature burner technology is still the key factor in our ground-breaking new developments in our efforts to design functional, safe and durable outdoor comfort even more closely in step with the needs of the environment.

With such innovations as Turbo Zone, or such practical details as Simple Clean, for example, we have managed to switch even convinced charcoal fans over to barbecuing using gas. Each and every Enders gas barbecue, from the first design idea to the last nut and bolt, is developed at our Werdohl premises, and then put through its paces and continuously optimised in our workshops.

The combination of modern engineering and experienced craftsmanship guarantees the perfect fit of our products to their intended purpose. Our outstanding high-end design process ensures that the most demanding product requirements enforced by any top branded manufacturer are met every time. Each and every Enders product combines practical functionality with extremely attractive appearance. This means that an Enders gas burner always makes a statement appealing the values of the outdoor lifestyle, whether you prefer a traditional barbecue or a complete elegant outdoor dining experience.

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